Monday, August 03, 2015

Mafe @ 2015

And I am back. After a year...haha and its amazing back reading my thoughts...this gives me motivation to continue this update and make this a habit (hopefully).

So to give update, here are a few things:

I am now a member of El Presidente Toastmasters, I am done with my 5th speech and will work on completing my CC (Competent Communicator) Norm until year end.

I am now the Secretary General of JCI Perlas Pasay.  By this time I accepted that I am good in admin. I realized i have been trying to avoid this position a few years ago and yet here I am writing reports and doing the minutes...haha...but Im happy with this experience, I met a lot of really good people, got invited in the different events of other chapters and the secretaries of the different chapters are in one viber group coming alive when you think that its sleeping time. I am excited for the year to come as I see this as a space to practice leadership. We are on the last leg of the year, working on the different Bids, to win home some awards during the conferences and for sure we will :)

I am now unemployed. Before my 10th year I was able to get out of my 1st job. It was a secured job and I went out of my comfort zone to grow. Its fun, learning a lot day by day :)

In my Nuskin Business, I am growing. It is indeed a leadership business. And the many struggles that come are the stepping stones for my success. No body said it was easy but its all worth it. I may not be running for Europe this time but I have  my own game that I play everyday to have stepping stones to reach financial and time freedom. I am building my team and will focus my attention to those looking for changes in their life, would want to make themselves healthier and help other people. I trust in the Lord that this are already in His plans, everthing will happen in His perfect time:)

In my family, everyone is still busy, My parents are both senior citizen and very active in Couple's for Christ. They often eat out and is enjoying their 20% discounts. My brother has a girlfriend and is staying in the province. He is also busy with his business. And at present my sister is in Turkey through AISEC and met new friends. I bet she has lots of stories when she came back.

Much more stories to tell hopefully in succeeding days :) Have a great night :)

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